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Job Information

Marriott Accountant-General in Zhuzhou, China

Job Number 20064331

Job Category Finance and Accounting

Location Zhuzhou Marriott Hotel, No. 160 Longxing Road, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China VIEW ON MAP

Brand Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott

Schedule Full-time

Position Type Non-Management/Hourly

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Marriott International portfolio of brands includes both JW Marriott and Marriott Hotels.

Marriott Hotels , Marriott International’s flagship brand with more than 500 global locations, is advancing the art of hosting so that our guests can travel brilliantly. As a host with Marriott Hotels, you will help keep this promise by delivering premium choices, sophisticated style, and well-crafted details. With your skills and imagination, together we will innovate and reinvent the future of travel.

JW Marriott is part of Marriott International's luxury portfolio and consists of more than 80 beautiful properties in gateway cities and distinctive resort locations around the world. JW believes our associates come first. Because if you’re happy, our guests will be happy. It’s as simple as that. Our hotels offer a work experience unlike any other, where you’ll be part of a community and enjoy a true camaraderie with a diverse group of co-workers. JW creates opportunities for training, development, recognition and most importantly, a place where you can really pursue your passions in a luxury environment. Treating guests exceptionally starts with the way we take care of our associates. That’s The JW Treatment™.

Job Summary

  1. A/R Charges Processing应收帐的处理

  2. Work closely with Guest Service Officer at Front Desk to ensure that guest folios are properly maintained and outstanding balances are under control.与宾客服务及前台密切合作确保客帐及时被处理且应收款始终在控制范围内.

  3. Ensure all folios are settled or transferred (with proper supporting document or authorization) upon guest checkout.确保所有的客帐在客人离店时结清或结转到应收款(需要授权或相应的支持附件)

  4. Daily review of all in credits transferred to city ledger.每天审核应收挂帐.

  5. Follow up with late charges and pending accounts跟进未及时解决的帐务和追帐.

  6. Review daily high balance report and take appropriate action whenever necessary每天审核高余额报表并必要时采取适当的措施.

  7. Follow up with Returned Checks跟进退票.

  8. Process all advance deposit refund and credit card refund处理所有的预付款退款和信用卡退款.

  9. Inform A/R Supervisor or Assistant Controller of problem accounts及时将问题帐告知应收主管和助理财务总监.

  10. Monitor credit limit of Accounts Receivable监视应收信用限额.

  11. Prepare monthly aging report and analyses准备月度应收帐龄分析报表.

  12. Billing and Collections帐单和追款

  13. Ensure all billings and monthly statements are sent timely and accurately确保所有帐单和月结单及时准确的发出.

  14. Make calls on all current and delinquent accounts and maintain call log打电话问询当月及延迟的应收款情况并做电话记录.

  15. Call on customers’ offices to collect checks and payments.打电话到客人办公室, 收取付款和支票.

  16. Update collection result on a daily basis每天更新收款结果.

  17. Reply to all the customers’ enquiries relating to payment terms and request for special billing.解答所有客人关于付款和帐单的问题.

  18. Respond to all telephone and written enquiries within three working days记录所有查询问题并在三个工作日内回复.

  19. Policies and Procedures政策和程序

  20. Ensure credit policies and procedures are adhered to within departments concerned保证酒店内部各相关部门遵守信贷政策.

  21. Follow all SOPs and LSOPs pertaining to Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies跟进所有与信贷政策有关的标准的制定.

  22. Records and Files记录和存单

  23. Maintain all files and records updated and intact.维护所有文件并记录更新以及保证完整无缺.

  24. Others

  25. To respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel适应由于行业,公司或酒店规定的变化而调整部门功能。

  26. To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationships with all hotel associates.与酒店所有同事提供得体和专业的服务并与之保持良好的关系。

  27. To have a complete understanding of the hotel associate handbook and to adhere to the regulations contained therein.完全理解酒店员工手册并严格执行相关规定。

  28. To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene.完全理解酒店关于防火,安全及卫生规定。

  29. To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.完成其他被分配的工作及责任。

  30. Follow all company policies and procedures遵守公司所有政策和程序